Premenstrual Complex 60 Capsules


Food-Grown and Kosher


2 capsules taken together at any time of day, each day of your menstrual cycle including during menstruation. 

This dose can be increased for certain circumstances, but we recommend you seek professional advice or speak with our Nutritional team before altering your intake.

Key Benefits

  • Helps regulate hormonal activity

    Contains Vitamin B6 which contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity.

  • Helps reduce tiredness and fatigue

    Contains Vitamin B6 which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

  • Promotes a positive outlook

    Contains Vitamin B6 to support normal psychological function and Ashwagandha to support your mental wellbeing at this special time.

  • Optimises energy

    With Chromium and milk thistle to help maintain normal blood glucose levels and Ashwagandha to provide feelings of energy.


    Works well with

    Can be taken in combination with Pure Strength Omega 3, Food-Grown Endo Complex, Food-Grown Polycys Complex, Food-Grown Total Cleanse Complex, Food-Grown B Complex Plus, Food-Grown Iron Plus, Food-Grown Fertility, Food-Grown Daily Multi Nutrients, Food-Grown Breast-Feeding Complex, Food-Grown Balance Multi Nutrients, Food-Grown Daily Multi Nutrient Teengirl, Food-Grown Cognitive Connect, Food-Grown Thyroid Connect, Food-Grown Immune Support and Turmaforte Turmeric.


    How to take it

    With or without food. Our nutrients are made from food, so you don’t need to take them with a meal.