• Are all your products certified organic?

We carefully choose our suppliers and do our best to guarantee our products are organic and ethically sourced as much as possible. Sometimes, due to shortages, prices being too high, delivery costs, our herbs are ethically sourced but not certified organic. 


  • Are you able to assess and offer medical consultation? 


No, we are not able to help over the phone or via email. If you can come to the store, we can offer advice for minor issues. Our team is very passionate about alternative medicine and we currently have 2 herbalists, 1 herbal student, 1 chinese medicine student and acupunturist, 2 very high knowleadgeable people which have been working in the shop for over 8 years and 2 Reiki pratictioner and Bach/Bush Flowers passionate. 
We are currently working on a system so even people who live outside London can access to a brief advice online and get advices about which herbs/products to buy. We will launch this system in November 2023.


  • How fast will I receive my order? 

We do our best to ship withint 2-3 days from the receipt of the order. Sometimes we cannot guarantee shorter time due to lack of staff (remember we are a charity shop!). Royal Mail will then take care of your package and deliver Second Class Signed For. 
We also don't like to waste so most of our packages are second hand boxes that we receive from our suppliers. 


  • What products do you sell via the website?

We sell medicinal and culinary herbs, herbal blends, herbal tinctures (contain pharmaceutical grade grain alcohol), super powders, clays, carrier oils, loose super food. We recently started adding some supplements and essential oils.


  • What is the weight you sell your herbs, super powders and clays?

We sell our herbs, super powders and clays in multiples of 25g. Every 100g  contains an automatic 10% off in price.


  • What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay via PayPal and Bank Card.


  • Can I return an item?

Unfortunately we are not able to accept returns due to the nature of the goods.


  • Why does my product look different from the picture?

Please note that our products are not standardised and may therefore differ from one batch to another. This is due to Nature: seasonal reasons, difference in crop or change of supplier.


  • What social media platforms do you have?

Instagram @Foodforalluk


  • Where is your shop based?

5 minute walk from Stoke Newington Station, Zone 2 on Cazenove Road.


  • What do you sell in store?

A range of loose wholefoods (grains/ pulses, seeds, dried fruits and nuts), superfoods, clays, carrier oils, supplements, body care, cosmetics, household items, medicinal herbs and culinary herbs, homeopathy, Bach remedies, incenses, smudges, packed vegan food and snacks, teas and juices, chilled and frozen products, liquid refills, vegan supplements, food, raw honey, tinctures, essential oils, soap bars, raw cacao, shea butter, Household items and Health and Body Care products


  • Where does your profit go towards?

100% of our profits go towards supporting local projects within the UK as well as international development projects in Africa and Eastern Europe including disaster relief projects. 


  • How old is the store?

The store was opened in 1975 by Govinda and Meeta Lovage.